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“You may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” 1 Peter 2:9. The highest form of education is in learning and gaining a knowledge of God and His character. God’s plan for those who put on Christ is that they shell posses this knowledge. God desires to enlighten the minds of His children through the reading and studying of His Word. We should strive to develop every talent that God has given us to produce the very best results for His glory.

God has called us out of darkness and the impoverished state many of us find themselves in. As we see our own ignorance, God calls us to stretch the powers of our mind that we will become intelligent Christians. As we daily invite the Holy Spirit into our soul, we will be able to grasp knowledge with all our faculties and new light and glory will enter our life. The Holy Spirit, through the Bible, will purify and refine the soul. God can work in anyone to develop steadfastness, sound principle, and clear perception. It is your choice to surrender to Christ or stay in darkness.

by Daniel Baldwin

People to People Ministries is a Christian ministry with a three-fold outreach program to primarily the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon. We are committed to (1) sharing insights on good health principles; (2) assisting those who desire a more in-depth understanding of the Bible and (3) providing humanitarian services to families with children.

Our prayer is that your experience on our site will enrich your relationship with God. Please review our Bible studies and feel free to comment on the articles on our blog for a friendly discussion.

Thanks for coming to our website and we hope you have a blessed experience.


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