Dr. Ruby Lathon, PhD, shows you how to boost your immune system with simple effective methods to stay healthy during COVID-19 and what you can do if you get COVID-19.

She is a holistic health expert and holistic nutritionist.

Learn more about how you can take control of your health and become more healthy each day with the resources below.

Photo Jack Mcintosh

Short Health Talks with Jack McIntosh

Listen to Jack present several health topics to help you become more healthy and live longer.

Health educator, Jack McIntosh, has 30 years of experience in teaching the principles of lifestyle change. His specialty is Metabolic Syndrome, which accounts for a large share of the illnesses that Americans experience.


Photo Shirley Maddox

Cooking Demonstrations with Shirley Maddox

Shirley shows you how fast and easy it is to cook at home healthy delicious meals for your family. Each recipe has either a video presentation or photos to accompany a printable or copy and paste-able recipe to keep in your paper or digital recipe box.


Photo Recipe

Plant-based Recipes for Health

We have a large database of plant-based diet recipes which science has shown to be the healthiest way to eat. Find some new dishes and old favorites with a healthy twist.


Photo Health Articles

Articles to Help You Learn How to Be Healthy

We hope that you will find these articles helpful in your journey to wellness and an abundant life.


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