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Welcome to our Daniel Prophecy Series

The prophetic book of Daniel speaks with increased meaning to this generation. The angel Gabriel specifically told Daniel to "seal up" these prophecies until the "time of the end" Daniel 12:4.

Prophecy provides evidence for the existence of an omnipotent God who rules and overrules and demonstrates that the Bible is the reliable Word of God and unfolds God's secrets regarding future events. In the book of Daniel, there are outlines in vivid detail of world events, some of which are now unfolding before our eyes. His predictions, covering twenty-five hundred years of history, clearly outline world events from the prophet's time (six hundred years before Christ) to ours.

Each lesson will lead you on a journey of discovery into the Scriptures. As you look up the answers in your own Bible, you will discover the path to lasting happiness and life's deepest joy.

Prophetic symbols are clearly explained in Scripture. Once you understand the meaning of the symbol, Bible prophecy becomes plain. The book of Daniel was written in symbolic language. These symbols are not intended to prevent us from understanding God's messages to His people but so that the evil powers He exposed, wouldn't readily see themselves in the messages and attempt to tamper with them, change them, or destroy them.

We hope that you enjoy studying and gaining a better understanding of Daniel's prophecies. The study guides are free. Please feel free to contact us at the end of a study if you are not understanding something or you have a question. It is our prayer that you will be blessed from this study.




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