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Food Assistance

Hunger is a serious problem in America! Children are especially at risk. Many families struggle to have enough.

Through the Weekend Backpack Food Program and other food support programs we are able to help fill the gap. The program provides children with non-perishable food so that they have something to eat over the weekend. Additional support services exist to aid needy families.

One of the missions of People to People Ministries (PPM) is to engage people into action to help create hunger free weekends for children and families. Many children leave their school on Friday afternoon with an insecurity about what they will eat over the weekend. The school identifies Backpack Food Program children and may refer families for assistance.

Because of the great need, People to People Ministries partners with other organizations in donating food to schools once a month. Businesses, organizations and faith communities can become involved in supporting the program.

Families are also assisted with emergency food through food boxes, bags and store cards. Another food program that is used to support families is the Mobile Food Pantry called the COW (Commodities on Wheels) established by the PACS Center.

The Weekend Emergency Food Program is a supplemental food program designed to assist people facing food insecurities and may be available once a month. For more information call 503 893-9022 or email.

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We Need Your Help

People to People Ministries is a self-supporting, non-profit ministry primarily focusing on helping hungry children and families. This is done through the Weekend Backpack Program and providing emergency food assistance to families in need.

You can join us in this effort to support these hunger relief efforts through your tax-deductible contribution. Please donate today. Thanks!


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