Facing Trials With God

Trouble and trials, pain & suffering, heartache & headache — It’s all part of being human, and yet so often whether the pain is felt in our physical body or deep within our emotion filled hearts, our experience can be one of loneliness. Those who suffer, often suffer alone, feeling at times as none understand, no one can empathize, no one hears their cries, none can help relieve their suffering. You don’t have to be prisoner of war, to know what a prison feels like!

Does anyone care when we are shackled in the dark place of abuse, Does anyone care when physical pain shouts louder than the joys that should lighten our load? Does anyone care when the bondage of debt, or the oppression of untamed emotion imprisons us?

I want you to know today, right now, that God has promised that He cares! Trouble and Trial were not allowed so that you could be crushed, but so that through weakness you might experience His strength. You will rise again. Satan seeks to exult over us in our weakness, and pain, but when the weakest soul cries out to Jesus and that cry rings through heaven’s sanctuary, our advocate and defender Jesus stands up. Satan fleas as heaven answers those humble prayers! You might not be delivered from the trial, but in God’s wisdom you will be delivered through the trial. Trust that you are not alone! Believe that your cry is heard!

Psalms 20:1 (KJV) “The LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee”

Written by Myckal Morehouse

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