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Clean Meat or All You Can Eat

Do the health laws still apply to Christians today?

Science, Screens, Seances

Channels. The connection between those involved in science, video, and spiritualism.

The Test Of Discipleship

It is not a title that gives you asurance of salvation but seeking Christ with your whole heart and obeying His ways.

Let Freedom Ring

Choose today who you will serve, freedom of religion or conformity to religious oppression.

Temperance on the Ballot

A Christian perspective on legalizing drugs with ballot measures. What is God's plan for our health.

A Christian Response to the Coming Elections

A Christian should respect authority and accept those that are in power trusting that God is in control and has a plan.

The Value of the Soul

Racism is not solved by politics, protects, vandalism, or civil war but by evangelism.

The Perfect Law

How God's perfect law shows us the sin in our lives.

God's Precious Gift

God has provided Jesus to save us from our sins.

It All Comes From Above

Everything good that we have and receive comes from God.

Third Angels' Message In Varity

The gospel is the third angels' message in varity.

Armageddon, The Greatest Battle Ever Won!

This is the great Battle before the coming of Jesus. It is a spiritial battle over our heart.

Who are the humble that shall inherit the earth?

Sermon about different kinds of humility and how we should be humble.

Bread From Heaven

Sermon about communion and Jesus being the bread of life from heaven.

The Peril of Formalism

Sermon about formalism in the church that can replace a heart change.

In Bags With Holes

Sermon about stewardship and returning tithes and offerings.

How Will They Know We are His Disciples?

Who is the Bride of Christ

The Human Condition

You Are God's Workmanship

The Power of a Testimony

Understanding The Times

Responding to the Word

Preparing for the Bridegroom

The Beauty and Power of Oneness

Wonder of All Wonders, God With Us

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