Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent Asthma

Lifestyle Changes That Can Prevent Asthma

There are as many as 25 million people, 8% of the population, in the United States that currently are suffering from some form of asthma. This number continues to grow each year. The triggers for asthma are many and varied. Many of them are lifestyle choices and habits. Many people realize that smoking and being around people that smoke can be a cause of asthma. What people don't realize is that there are many other lifestyle choices that can cause or worsen asthma as well.

The Main Cause of Asthma

The main cause of asthma, though, is smoking, and it would do well to mention some of the reasons and things you can do to protect yourself and your children from it. Even if you are not a smoker (and if you are, we hope that you are working towards quitting) you can still be affected by those that do. Children with asthma are much less likely to get control of their asthma if they live in homes with smoke. Those who are taking asthma medication will also notice their medications are less effective if they smoke or they live in a home with smoke.

We recommend that you avoid buildings or homes where people smoke indoors. New laws are making this much easer to avoid than in years past. Some states are better than others. If you live with someone who smokes, you should not allow them to smoke in your home or car.

Obesity and Cause Asthma

Another cause of asthma is obesity. Being heavily overweight can cause many to have difficultly controlling their symptoms. The extra weight pushes down on the ribcage and lungs, making it a lot harder to breathe correctly and deeply. Obesity causes chronic inflammation all throughout your body, including your lungs. Asthma can be caused by inflammation of the lungs. Obese people with asthma should still obey the normal guidelines for asthma treatment. In addition to that, weight management and exercise are an important part of asthma treatment. Obese people with asthma that lost weight have said they have fewer asthma problems, need to use inhalers much less, and have an improved quality of life.

Low Fitness and Cause Asthma

Weak aerobic capacity is another cause of asthma. In simple terms, it is a measure of the fitness of your lungs. This fitness of the lungs is directly related to how generally physically fit you are. If you have breathing issues like asthma, having good fitness of your lungs is very important. As a side note, everyone should breathe clean fresh air outside at a minimum of 10 minutes each day. Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Sleeping rooms should also be well ventilated both night and day. Windows in bedrooms should be opened up wide for several hours each day to remove the impurities breathed out during the night while sleeping.

It is important to get started with a fitness program. If you are currently not physically active, be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning an exercise program. It is especially important for children to be physically active even when they have asthma problems. If you have issues with high pollen levels or pollution outdoors, it is best to filter the air in the house and exercise indoors so your lungs will not be aggravated. It is also important to find an indoor exercise you can enjoy doing, so when the weather is bad, you can still get good exercise.

Foods and Food Preservatives Can Cause Asthma

Another cause of asthma is certain foods and food preservatives. This can be a hidden cause that you may not be aware of. It can be difficult and expensive to determine which food substances are causing your asthma if they are. We recommend that you cook your own food rather than eating at restaurants or buying processed food. Buy only fresh or dried whole foods that don't have any refined or extracted ingredients. Making your own bread is a great place to start. Be sure to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts in your diet and learn how to prepare them in the most healthful and enjoyable way.

Stress on the Body and Mind Can Cause Asthma

A contributing factor to asthma attacks is stress on the body and mind. It is good to keep this factor in mind so the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, you can take action to relax before you have an attack. One of the best ways to prevent unhealthy stress is keep your mind stayed on the God of heaven, Who says that He will keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. Trust in divine power and help is what our Creator designed us to have. You can also practice deep breathing exercises, going for walks in parks or nature, and listening to calm classical music.

It is important to look at all the possible contributing factors to your asthma so that you will not miss out on the best health you can have and avoid attacks. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and habits will not only help you with your asthma, but will also help you in many other areas of your health and well-being.

Summary: It is important to look at all the possible contributing factors to your asthma so that you will not miss out on the best health.

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