A Journey to Wellness

A Journey to Wellness

If you have ever taken a trip to some far-off place, you know that it takes preparation. Clothing must be packed, reservations must be made, and plans must be put in place to make sure that you know what you will be doing when you get there.

This is a journey toward wellness. How will you get there? First you need some basic information. In spite of what you have heard about genetics determining your health, that statement is only partially true. According to research cited by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the major causes of death and disability are more dependent on our lifestyles—the way we live—than on our genetics. Please consider the following:

In a little village near Sacramento California, there is a team of nurses and physicians that operate a lifestyle intervention program called NEWSTART.

These nurses and doctors do not readily prescribe medications as others of their profession do. Instead, when guests come for their 18-day NEWSTART stay, they implement a simple program of dietary changes, daily walks, the drinking of pure water, exposure to sunlight, fresh air, adequate rest and trust in our Creator. These are changes that anyone can implement at home.

What kinds of results do they achieve? Nothing short of miraculous! In only 18 days:

  • 50% of hypertensive patients are completely off their drugs
  • 80% of the patients with leg pain (neuropathy) have complete relief
  • 50% of patients with chest pain (angina) have complete relief
  • 80% of diabetics reverse their condition

These dramatic results underscore the need for us all to actively cooperate with the laws of heath, which not only prevent but actually reverse a significant number of lifestyle-related diseases. So...are you ready for your Journey to Wellness? In its simplest form, this Journey to Wellness is a three-step process that involves physical activity, simple dietary changes, and adequate hydration with pure water.

1. A Walking Program

The fastest way to improve your health is to involve yourself in regular physical activity. And the safest and easiest activity to begin is a walking program. For people with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, or high cholesterol (metabolic syndrome), walking has dramatic effects if done twice a day for 30 minutes. It needs to be a brisk walk, and uninterrupted...a constant rhythmic brisk walking activity for 30 minutes!

2. A Plant-Based Diet

The research from hundreds of studies shows that people who choose fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains have fewer health problems and live much longer. On the other hand, an animal-based diet of meat, chicken, fish and

dairy products tends to shorten life and contribute to lifestyle diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, strokes and hypertension. Add more and

more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains to your diet. By so doing you will dramatically reduce your risk for these major diseases.

3. Pure Water

Few people today drink enough water to make a difference in their health. As Americans we drink almost everything but pure water. We drink many things that have water in them, but these drinks are flavored with sugar, which contributes to obesity; caffeine, which makes the blood thicker; and milk protein like casein, which can trigger allergies.

How important is water? Humans are 70% water by weight. All of the life-sustaining reactions of metabolism are dependent on water. Your body loses a certain amount of water each day through urination, exhalation, perspiration and bowel elimination. Make sure to replenish your body’s water supply by drinking water throughout the day. One guideline to make sure you are drinking adequate water is to drink two glasses before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and one or two in the evening before retiring.

Written by Jack McIntosh, Health Educator

Summary: This is a journey toward wellness. How will you get there? First you need some basic information. Genetics determining your health is only partially true.

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